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What Role does Art have in a Society?

What Role does Art have in a Society

Art has the magnificent ability to change a society. It is more than just a self-expression and communication. It isn’t just a method by which we can just express our ideas, there is much more to it. It has a number of brilliant qualities which cannot be clarified generally.

Art gives us an expression to be proud of. Perhaps, our most personal feature is our imagination, with it we can do anything – we can escape the physical world and experience things that are impossible to humans. But the art itself is an inspirational creation. It cannot surpass the physical world by itself. But, it can just show us what we can conceive. I suppose, it is similar to idealism; a way of transcending our limitations and doing whatever we want. Art just represents our best version of it. Obviously, innumerable artists utilize art as a method by which they can realize a change or feature a reason.

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Art is essential to our society. Not only there is evidence of art going back to Neolithic times, but throughout history, there has always been a section of society who has engaged in art, often at great personal sacrifice. Art is the premise of our general public. Before there was composing, mankind painted on the walls of caves. Day by day, it has changed many forms of expression but still has an amazing touch to heart.

The importance of art in society has been debated by philosophers, activists, and artists alike for nearly twenty-four hundred years. Before evaluating art’s importance in modern society, there must be a definition of art and a purpose for its creation. Plato saw art as an imitation of reality that could potentially corrupt society (Wolff 312). Although, Plato’s student Aristotle also shared the view that, art is representational. On the other hand, Aristotle defended art as a means for humans to gain knowledge from such creations (Wolff 315). Leo Tolstoy defined art as a transmission of feelings from one human being to another (Tolstoy). While some artists draw abstract paintings or create imitations of nature, all art contributes to society by representing a message. Art serves as a mere imitation of nature. It is also an artist’s abstract self-expression.

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Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. Research has indicated that art influences the major feeling of ourselves. They are frequently thought to be the store of a general public’s collective memory.

Art is an essential tool for our society. It can earn regards for individuals about causes that are generally ignored. It also can start a discussion about the art that can roll out improvement and bring mindfulness. Art helps us to express our message to our loved ones when we cannot convey it in words. It makes us cheerful seeing art and there are unbounded reasons appeared in our expressions.

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Art is something other than self-expression and self-communication; it enables us to escape from the asylum of our dream, to abandon the worry of the current world. It has baffling, relatively grand qualities like a sentiment having the capacity to make something delightful. It upgrades our creative energy, with which we can do anything. We can get away from the human world and experience what is incomprehensible for us to actually experience.

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To conclude, art is important in modern society for a whole bunch of reasons. It can motivate activity to the individuals who create solid emotions towards something they can see. It is a light of a darkness. If there is something which is Mankind’s best creation throughout the history, that is art. It has a major importance in modern society because it defines us as individuals and makes us better people. It is a means of communicating thoughts, and ideas.

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Writing Source: A Mim Likhon
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