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What is art and who is an artist?

What is art and who is an artist_theartcrafttherapyroom

A few days ago, I saw a certain person say “this group is for artists, not craftsmen”. That statement got me thinking. What exactly is art? Who is an artist? Who are we to judge if someone’s skills can be defined as art or not? All these questions have led me to have several revelations about art and the people who create it.

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What is art? Art is diversity. It is uniqueness. It is the thoughts of a human being portrayed for the entire world to see. It is creativity, in all shapes and form. Who are we to limit the definition of art? It is the representation of freedom and talent, so it is the last field that we should be narrowing. If someone creates something unique, if someone performs a feat that takes the breath away, if someone brings their ideas to life and it mesmerizes us, it can and should be defined as art. And who is an artist? Why, anyone with the ability to create wonders out of nothing is an artist. It is wrong to think a painter is any more of an artist than a sculptor, or a musician. Art is boundless and anyone with the gift of creating it is an artist.


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It has been centuries since mankind first started appreciating art. Its importance in our society has grown steadily and at this point in time art is an inseparable part of our life. In the modern era, art has flourished. We need it in our lives nowadays to act as recreation and as an escape from our daily worries. It helps us forget about all that plagues us, and allows us to get lost in its beauty.



As much as we appreciate art, we sometimes fail to appreciate the men and women behind the strokes of genius. It is a sad but true occurrence that an artist goes largely unnoticed during his lifetime. The artist spends his life being poor, mistreated, and even misunderstood. However, after they die, some people take advantage of their work and make money. It is a tragedy that such incidents occur. The most prominent example is Vincent Van Gogh. Today, he is celebrated as being one of the most talented painters in history. What few people realize is that during his life, he was thought to be mentally ill and he sold little to none of his paintings. People found his art aesthetically unpleasing, reckless and even ugly. He spent a lot of time going in and out of mental asylums before his eventual suicide. It was not after his death that his paintings got the fame they well and truly deserve. Even to this day, there are people making money off his art even though the man and his masterpieces went unappreciated when he was alive. Another man who failed to achieve fame while still in this world is Franz Kafka. Now considered one of the most influential writers ever, Kafka made almost no money from his writings during his life. It was after his passing away that most of his works were getting the attention they well and truly deserve. Such unfairness to artists with so much talent and influence on modern art is sickening. We should appreciate art and the artists responsible for them while they are still alive instead of praising them when they are not.



A world without art is a world not worth living in. Art, in all its forms, gives us warmth and brings us together. We need to allow artists to flourish so they can provide us with more jaw dropping creations. Let us not undermine others by saying what they are doing is not art. Let us appreciate and recognize artists for their genius. Let us make sure such talented people know they are loved for their brilliance.


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As Thomas Merton once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. So here’s to art and the artists responsible for such beauty.


Image source: Annie Spratt (unsplash) edited by us

Writing Source: A Mim Likhon

What is art and who is an artist? by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

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