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What Art is Capable of?

What Art is Capable of? by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

“Art is capable of expression, and of making visible, man’s need to go beyond what he sees; it reveals his thirst and his research for the infinite”

-Pope Benedict XVI

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From the ancient history of time, art has some diverse meaning. It refers to a different scope of human exercises in making visual, sound-related or performing artifacts. These artworks express the creator’s inventive or specialized ability. Sometimes, art is proposed to be acknowledged for its magnificence or enthusiastic power. In their most broad frame, these exercises incorporate the creation of art, the feedback of art, the investigation of the historical backdrop of art, and the tasteful dispersal of art.



Art has so many capabilities, we cannot even imagine. It is one of the greatest inventions which can be helpful for both physical and mental health. It can be worked as a therapy to release stress, overcome pressure and reduce depression. Until the seventeenth century, art referred to any aptitude or dominance and was not separated from artworks or sciences. In modern civilization after the seventeenth century, where tasteful consideration is foremost, the expressive arts are separated and recognized from acquired skills in general.


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Art is capable of fortifying self-compensating awareness and maintaining observation at higher than the common levels of intensity and completion. Physiologically, the human brain comprises of 2 parts, the left and the right hemisphere. The left brain is utilized as a part of coherent considering and expository procedures. This is commonly what is prepared in school work that comprises of math, perusing and science. On the other hand, the right brain is utilized as a part of enthusiastic observation, instinct and creativity. It is the right brain that is, for the most part, utilized when a man is associated with innovative attempts, for example, making art. It is this part of the brain that common school condition fails to prepare.



For instance, here are the discoveries from five visual arts things about specified in that survey (visual arts incorporates things like painting, drawing, photography, earthenware, and materials). Each investigation inspected more than 30 patients who were doing combating ceaseless ailment and growth. Here’s the manner by which the researchers described the effect that visual art exercises had on the patients,

  • Art filled occupational voids, diverted contemplation of disease.
  • Enhanced medical results, patterns toward diminished depression.
  • Decreases in stress and uneasiness; increments in positive feelings.
  • Reductions in trouble and negative feelings.
  • Improvements in stream and immediacy, expression of distress, positive character, and informal communities.
  • Improvements in stream and immediacy, expression of distress, positive character, and informal communities.



Art empowers fine engine aptitudes, neural improvement, and critical thinking capacities and that can be utilized viably to instruct and comprehend other key subjects, for example, perusing, composing, math, and science. Art offers an outlet and a discharge from the greater part of that. Pause for a moment to overlook the greater part of the approaching signs and make an active one. Create something. Communicate somehow. For whatever length of time that you contribute instead of expending, anything you do can be a work of art.


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Writing Source: A Mim Likhon
Image source: Photo by Morgan Basham on Unsplash

What Art is Capable of? by The Art & Craft Therapy Room
What Art is Capable of? by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

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