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Time management tips for artists

Time management tips for artists_theartcrafttherapyroom

In this fast-paced world of running and chasing your dreams and goals, time is the thing of utmost importance – time is the currency and for budding artists this article will provide some insights as to how one can plan effectively, saving a lot of time and carefully allocating much time in doing tasks related to art.


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Here are some tips:

Save some time from your workplaces
We all love staying back after work or college to chit chat with friends, grab a cup of coffee or go clubbing. If you have an important assignment due for some client then go back home soon after work or start early so that you can leave early. This will save up a lot of time helping you meet deadlines. However don’t shirk work or bunk classes as these are equally important to life. A true artist must balance everything without giving up anything.

Plan a daily schedule
At the start of the day write everything down on a piece of paper that you would be doing that day. Plan only to do things that will actually be of any importance to you. Eliminate trivial activities. Set your painting hours during the day since you will need the sunlight for much of your paintings and try to maximize this time. At the end of each month draw a productivity chart to evaluate your performance.

Find out what kills your time while using your personal computer
Download apps like RescueTime, Hubstaff, TSheets  etc. Best one is RescueTime as it shows the time spent after each activity on your computer. This helps you seek out those activities that were of no real use to you. Go ahead, get rid of some social media time.

No need to try to multitask
No point in doing a hundred things at a time. This will get you nowhere and distract you a lot thus decreasing your productivity. If you are drawing on paper or working on a canvas then just stick to that do not go onto call someone, or reply to a few texts. If you are working with an art related software like Photoshop or Illustrator then close all others tabs and windows that are useless at the moment.

Group other non-art tasks
Batch all your tasks into one or two hour periods. Of course you need to take your head off of art and do other pending tasks. Do all your online activities together. Do not perform tasks at like five minute intervals. If you have to run errands then just go out once and get everything you need in one trip. Take two or three 30 minutes breaks throughout the day to answer back your texts and calls.

Keep all reference material at hand
Keep all the documents and soft copies all in one folder stored on the cloud- preferably Google Drive or OneDrive. Save important notes on OneNote. As this will give you instant access to things that you might need to present to a client or use it yourself. Categorize different materials into separate folders and so for physical stuff keep them in large cardboard boxes.

Disconnect yourself from distractions
When you have a mammoth task that needs to be done in a short time then firstly try to avoid things which take up your time unnecessarily like binge watching a whole season of House of Cards or spending more time on social media than needed and secondly break this project into smaller chunks that can be handled at a time. Limit your activities and while working on the project keep your devices on silent mode, turn off the TV, the radio and anything that can distract you. There will always be time to watch a show or hang out with your friends later. Just stick to the project on hand for the moment and go back to normal life once you are done. Following this tip will hopefully get you done even before the due date of the project.

Use countdowns
Time your work. Finish your drawings and paintings within a set time. Try doing this for all kinds of tasks. Use a countdown timer on your phone. This will increase your pace greatly.

Rely on others to do work that you cannot do
If you are stuck in something then ensure that you are not wasting too much time on it. Ask a friend to help you out or hire someone else to do it. This will save a lot of time.

… and finally, take breaks.



When you are dealing with a new art project take breaks often as this will help you get more inspiration for the work. Some ideas hit our head at times when we are not thinking about them at all. Go on long walks with you dog, play squash or go swimming. Out of the whole day dedicate a significant amount of time to breaks at regular intervals.
Hope these help you in managing the most valuable asset – time. These are methods that have worked for countless people. With all that time that has been saved, use it to do things that make living worthwhile like meeting up an old friend, going out on a date, taking your parents out on dinners etc. Remember, for an artist art is a part of his life and no matter how passionate the artist is art is not life itself. The purpose of this article is to help you get done with large tasks whilst saving invaluable time so that you can invest it in doing other things that you love.


Writing Source: A Mim Likhon

Image source: Jiyeon Park (unsplash)
Time management tips for artists by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

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