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The Importance Of Art

The Importance Of Art_theartcrafttherapyroom

Quotes like “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” (Pablo Picasso) and “I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.”(Vincent Van Gogh) say a lot about the world of art. But why is art so important in our lives? Why even invest our time in art? Some people think art is insignificant while others consider it uncanny. Many may not get their answers but for those who do it is a discovery.

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For centuries, artists like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Renoir etc. have endeavored to create masterpieces to connect to people breaking cultural, religious, social, geographical and political barriers. They have conveyed their messages to common people to bridge many gaps bringing all kinds of people together. The art of drawing has coexisted with us from ancient times. From ancient cave drawings to Egyptians carvings on pyramids to the Mona Lisa to the modern art forms art has never failed to surprise us., Inc


Everything has a purpose. So does art. The main purpose is to elicit a response whether you love it or hate it. People just did not invent tools to satisfy their whims. Paintbrushes, colors, pencils and canvases served bigger purposes. They have helped to bring about changes in social and cultural norms. They affected customs and traditions and more importantly, these paintings and drawings from different times have brought about big revolutions. An artist or a painter at times can be more efficient and dangerous than an army of soldiers. He can depict situations of the people and say the untold giving many a voice. A simple graffiti on a wall portraying the abject conditions of an oppressed people in an unfair society can spur people to take action to save their lives. As we have seen in the past art has forged its way into people’s minds and given birth to new empires.



A painting may be inanimate but it breathes life into the soul of the masses. Take a watercolor painting of a beautiful countryside for example. Upon seeing it a bored city dwellers’ mind subconsciously links it with serenity and soothes the mind. Art heals the badly affected minds. Imagine a gallery full of such paintings. Each painting speaks a different story serving as a doorway into the artist’s mind helping us understand situations. The drawings show the reality, express the idea, and teach lessons without uttering a word.



In modern times we still find art in the form of paintings but with the advent of the internet memes have sprung up bringing smiles upon faces, showing serious issues in funny ways, illustrating daily lives. Art is very influential medium. It steers people into thinking in a desired way. An artist has a thought and he paints it and this powerful painting can change the way we think and live causing their name to echo through millenniums. Even an illiterate has heard about the Mona Lisa.



All forms of art are hugely important in our lives and in the survival of the human race. Art stands next to bread and butter. It is that essential. So pick up your brushes and paint your imaginations. Make yourself heard. Change lives. Change the world for a better place.


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Writing Source: A Mim Likhon

The Importance Of Art by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

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