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Reeves Liquitex High Gloss Varnish-4Oz Price: £9.68 (as of 20/11/2019 10:34 PST- Details)

ColArt 126604 High Gloss Varnish 4oz




There are many misconceptions about whether or not it is necessary to varnish an acrylic painting. As a general rule, you should always varnish your acrylic work when possible. Varnishes are applied over dry paint films and have several purposes. Most importantly, to protect the painting from the environment and protect the pigments from ultraviolet light. Secondly, varnishes can be used to change or unify a painting’s surface sheen. Liquitex varnishes come in several different sheens, which can all be intermixed for a customized sheen. These varnishes are either permanent or removable and can be applied to both flexible and rigid supports.

Archival Permanent (non-removable) – This Liquitex varnish is designed for interior use only. It has excellent levelling properties and is non-yellowing. The varnish is translucent when wet but dries clear. Available in high gloss, gloss, satin and matt.

Archival Removable – This Liquitex varnish is designed for interior and exterior use. It has excellent levelling properties, is very durable, non-yellowing and archival. The varnish is clear in the wet state and can be used on both oil & acrylic paintings. It is removed with mineral spirits or turpentine. It contains Sunlight stabilizers.

ColArt 126604 High Gloss Varnish 4oz

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