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Reeves 4 x 75 ml Metallic Colours Acrylic Paint Price: £16.08 (as of 16/11/2019 09:48 PST- Details)

Fine artist-quality acrylic metal colours
High pigment concentration
Excellent lightfastness



Product Description

Reeves fine artist acrylic colours have a high pigment concentration to provide them Very good lightfastness and strong vibrant colours. Reeves acrylic paints offer outstanding coverage. Some of the best acrylic resin used ensures Very good adhesion and a free flowing consistency. Acrylics can be utilized straight from the tube to create impasto effects and build volume, like oil colouror be diluted with water to make use of for watercolour or poster colour techniques. Reeves has been established since 1766 and as such is built on a heritage second to none. From the improvement of William Reeves’ moist watercolour cake Reeves continues to guide inside the fine art, hobby and craft, education colours, grounds and accessories – making us one in all the fastest growing art brand on the planet.

Box Contains

Fine artist-quality acrylic metal colours
High pigment concentration
Very good lightfastness
Very good adhesion and free flowing consistency
Use from tube or mix with water

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