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Nature & Art The Art & Craft Therapy Room

Art and nature go hand in hand and has been doing so for ages. Prominent artists from all cultures have drawn inspirations from nature and represented nature in their drawings and this shows just how important nature has been to the development of art over the ages. Different elements of nature have found their ways into beautiful paintings, poetry, music, clay art, molding, pottery and all other forms of art. We can’t be separated from nature – our bodies, lives and minds depend on the air we breathe and the food we eat. To study the nature is imperative for an artist to fully equip himself with all the skills he needs to become a successful artist.


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Artists love nature and many paintings have gained worldwide renown some of which include “Irises” (Van Gogh), “Tiger in a Tropical Storm” (Henri Rousseau), “Mont Sainte-Victoire” (Paul Cezanne), “Water Lilies” (Claude Monet) and many more. Elements of nature found their ways even into portraits like in the “Mona Lisa”.



Representing nature in a painting shows how mature and full of wisdom an artist is. This is because it takes a lot of experience, perseverance and sheer hard work to successfully draw visually pleasing images of nature. So a nature artist who understands and has mastered this art is regarded as a man who has a very well developed sense of light and shade, color combination, perspective, mental awareness and tons of firsthand experience. This is the reason why beginner level artists are always encouraged to draw outside and to paint the different elements of nature at different times of the day under varying lighting combinations and their tasks include sketching leaves, ecosystems of trees, lakes with little boats and bridges and such things.



Drawing nature has always been this important over centuries and back in the times where civilizations were budding and people were already busy drawing, their lives revolved around nature. This can be seen in ancient stone, wood and wall carvings and in many paintings of the past where the main subject of the drawing were seas, mountains, trees, forests etc. These are the parts of nature people were exposed to and they depended on agriculture and travelling among jungles and seas to survive and all of these found their ways to beautiful sketches and paintings.



Nature has been painted over and over again in far corners of the globe showing the significance it had on the lives of artists, normal people and basically entire communities. Every culture be it eastern or western had their own versions of nature art. For example, the European nature art showcased a splendid mix of subjects like warships on violent waters, beautiful Mediterranean coastlines, glaciers Swiss Alps while Eastern nature art had paintings of rice fields, Chinese villages, bamboo forests, steppes, tropical sandy beaches, vast stretches of deserts, important rivers and so on. People were so seriously interested in nature art that the culture of clay pots, mud sculptures and such played importance roles in providing livelihood for people. People in South Asian villages even sewed blankets in patterns representing trees, animals and rivers. Paintings of exotic places and people’s homelands gave them both a sense of belonging and acted as a factor that helped bridge cultural gaps.



Art, nature and our overall well-being are all connected. As our surroundings are like a driving force to a good and healthy life we owe it to ourselves to understand it better and artists have done this by exploring the nature and drawing trees, rivers, wild animals, flowers, glaciers, different kinds of forests, mountains, snow, glaciers, stars and countless other things that comprise the nature. Just by looking at a beautiful drawing of a landscape we can easily become one with the image as it takes us to a trance helping us feel the warmth of sun, smell the sweet fragrance of flowers, hear the horses’ hooves and the sound of water gushing forth from streams, feel the sudden chill of the gust and just stand there feeling eons pass by in a single moment without the slightest discomfort.


Here you can see art in action

by Michael James Smith Art

Writing Source: A Mim Likhon

Image source: Pexels

Nature & Art by The Art & Craft Therapy RoomNature & Art by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

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