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How is life related to art?

How is life related to art_artcrafttherapyroom

How art is not related to life? Everywhere we go we can find art. We see simple drawings done on the back of our notebooks and then we see beautiful pictures of angels on church glasses every day. Art is too commonplace. Can we pass a single day without listening to our favorite music playlist? No, because that would be insane for us simple folks.


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Artists like Leonardo da Vinci , Raphael, Antoni Gaudí, Mies Van der Rohe, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and the likes of them used their paintings, artistic designs, inventions, musical talents and entertainment skills to reach out to people from the streets in Tokyo to ones in Brazil’s favelas. Our ordinary lives have been highly impacted by these men and the art they produced and it became such an integral part that we could not imagine life without these. Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese bring variations in their films to adapt to the pace of our rapidly changing lives and still keep on entertaining us by pushing huge crowds into the cinema halls. With the advent of high-tech gadgets came the era of electronic dance music as music shifted from mere acoustic guitars to Launch pads. Drawings changed from the old classical oil based canvas paintings to the advanced Photo shopped images generated by computers. All to suit our modern life.



From the ancient Paleolithic buckle drawings in Lascaux, France to the early instruments and ceramics of local individuals, to the immense Egyptian pyramids; art has been interwoven with our reality. It has developed with the development of humankind. Art has been a favored medium to express that which can’t be said—and with the help we found all we know about the early days of mankind. Art is not only an apparatus with which to express, but rather additionally an approach to catch snapshots of festivity, of joy to impart to the universe of today, and the universe of tomorrow.



Art is the essential ingredient that strengthens the hearts of masses. Through art social activists can put up pictures of children being bombed or starved to death in impoverished African states to catch the attention of the ruling elites and millionaires and force them to bring positive changes.


Art depicts cultures. We see the Louvre museum in Paris and right away we know this giant pyramid made of glasses has something to do with ancient Egypt. The Zen Gardens in San Francisco remind us of practices from China. The sight of a roof tilled villa with gothic features take our minds to Europe and its fine architecture.


Art is immortal; individuals will pass away, blur into the pages of history books. However books, plays, acts, extremely valuable bits of art, music, choreography; these will never vanish into thin air. Art is your key to everlasting status. So, is art paramount to present day society? Yes, since we have so much we wish to record, catch and celebrate—to leave behind for our future selves. Only through art this is possible. Life is nothing but a product of stunningly beautiful art.


Image source: Annie Spratt (unsplash)
Writing Source: A Mim Likhon

How is life related to art? by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

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