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CO-CREATE WITH US – Guest Blogging

Who we are
We at Art & Craft Therapy Room want to promote art for any and all reasons. We do not focus on any specific brand as our focus is the use of art as therapy for self-healing, personal growth and pure enjoyment.

Who can blog post for us
Any art lover can submit a request for our consideration.
Anyone that has a story to share on how any form of art help them heal or cope with difficult moments in their lives.
Anyone with an art project where our products are featured.
Anyone with an art project that would like to be featured by us.

Types of content accepted
Art content that is suitable to any age and it’s not considered offensive or abusive. Please do not submit pornography, violence, racism or discrimination in any way, shape or form.
Testimonials related to art as a form of therapy.

Accepted formats
We accept video through YouTube link.
Images in JPEG or PNG format.
Word, OpenOffice docs and Google sheet docs, or plain email text for writing content.

Important information
Please note that if your submitted content is accepted by us, your content is still yours and we like to give credit where credit is due. If you have a web space we want you to invite people to visit it. Our aim is to share art not to own your intellectual property.

Please submit your request to:

We will email you asap to let you know if your submission was accepted or not. If your content was not accepted, please do not take it personally as might not be in alignment with our values.

If your content was not accepted, please do not take it personally as there are many reasons that have nothing to do with personal reasons.