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Art is an object of desire

Art is an object of desire_instagram_artandcrafttherapyroom

Art, as we know it is a means of creating unparalleled beauty. Effectively use of art can lead to many objects of desire to satisfy the heart. Throughout history, we can see many pieces of art created not to sell at a high price or to compete with other budding or well-known artist but merely to please oneself as one saw fit. Whatever the art form may be we humans have turned boring everyday objects into objects of magnificent artistic value some of which include paintings done on canvases, pencil sketches on paper, graffiti done on walls, carvings done on stones and marbles, sculptures, mosaics, terracotta designs, dance forms, musical forms, drama and theatre and the list goes on and on.


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Passion, desire, love, lust all can be put into the most prevalent form of art which is the art of drawing, sketching and painting. If we take the cases of Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo we can see that they created many masterpieces just because they loved doing what they did. This long lasting desire for art is born out of curiosity like it is seen that Da Vinci would exhume the dead bodies and study them at long. He produced many fine drawings that contributed to the science of anatomy heavily. He for instance attempted to sketch anything that fascinated him and from them were born many solutions to countless problems. First, there was the desire then the beauty of art and then came along many ways of solving problems to better our lives. We see these objects of desire everywhere. The Taj Mahal was purely built by Shah Jahan out of love for his wife Mumtaz. In it there are intricate patterns engraved on large chunks of marbles done by hand only to mesmerize the eyes of the beholder. The Swallow’s Nest Castle in Ukraine was made by a German noble on a high mountain edge overlooking the sea only so that he could spend days with his wife there. Perfect for a couples retreat! It became a fine architectural masterwork. Many dance forms were created just because they loved the art in it. Free style dances, b-boying, samba and many more took birth solely out of a desire for a new refreshing art. Such is also the case of graffiti as we unexpectedly discover stunning drawings done on mundane walls. Music is perhaps the biggest example as an art presenting itself to be an object of desire. The similar ancient musical instruments developed by eastern and western cultures are proof of their profound love for their art form of music. There is no single culture or people who have not been practicing one type of music to another. From religious hymns to EDM music has ruled our minds.



Even in the lives of ordinary people like us we tend to create something beautiful using simple things like clay, sea shells, beads, paper clips etc. for ourselves and for our loved ones. Perhaps we have it coded in our DNA to create order from chaos, beautiful artifacts from dull things; even the brazillian martial art of capoeira incorporated into it dance moves to give it a deceptive and artistic feel.


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Writing Source: A Mim Likhon

Art is an object of desire by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

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