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Art Is An Inspiration

ART IS AN INSPIRATION The Art & Craft Therapy Room

For many people, the word “art” is synonymous to inspiration as they have drawn inspiration from art and it has changed their lives. People have relied upon art to earn a living, to convey messages, to change societies, to improve their lives and simply to gain mental satisfaction and inner peace. Art has gone beyond socio-cultural boundaries and impacted billions of lives and transformed the way people think. It has helped shape up not just communities but also big empires and brought them out of ignorance.


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Art drives people emotionally in a way that nothing else does. This is exactly why you will see that in every one of us, there is a tendency to admire great works of art from any art form be it a painting, a play or a musical masterpiece. Out of that tendency is also born curiosity and as a result, we can see people staring for long at paintings done by famous artists. In these paintings, we can find ourselves. We can find untold stories brought to life by a vibrant mixture of different colors which act as gateways into the artists’ minds letting us unravel their mysteries and see a world both different and similar to our own. It makes us greatly enlightened. Art serves as a teacher in our lives. It inspires us to educate ourselves by learning about life in general and that too in a fun and engaging manner. We endeavor to decipher the meaning behind every shade of color in a painting so that empathize with the artist.



These painters and other artists, in general, are geniuses. Art has helped them to understand human emotions and they as a result know how to appeal to the minds of ordinary people. Imagine a stunning painting showing scores of people standing up to corrupt leaders and their armies and now seeing this it will spark a sense of self-confidence in an individual leaving him quite inspired. Images like these gradually serve to affect and change the attitude of a lot of people thus inspiring many and bringing positives changes that are needed in our societies.



Art has taught man to be free of the shackles that norms and defined rules place on us. It is a realm of possibility where a Pacific Islander can paint him as an European knight, where a Romani gypsy can draw her in the get up of a Tsar princess. Anyone can be anyone. Anyone can draw whatever he wants pouring his thoughts onto paper for people to understand the message. The things that we have at our disposal as pencil, brushes, colors and papers and our sense of creating stunningly creative images have helped us shaped a world of creative and confident beings. We are so inspired by art that even thinking through a problem or planning a thing we visualize the whole process and filling it with colors. We simply paint our imagination. The fact there are so many different kinds of arts tells us how vastly different the minds of people can be. This can be seen when many people like only a certain kind of art, like mainstream art, while hating on other forms like abstract paintings or psychedelic art which by the way have thousands of fans. But the underlying fact is that all these types of arts are equally mesmerizing and have deeply inspired the human mind.


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Writing Source: A Mim Likhon

Image source: Pexels

ART IS AN INSPIRATION by The Art & Craft Therapy Room

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