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And The Winner Is…

Hello everyone and thank you all for the Art Contest entries.

After reading all submissions our team selected a winner, it was not an easy task but only one person could win this contest.

And the winner is… Geraldine Belmore with the following comment:

“I turned 60 this week and always assumed I was rubbish at ART . I loved doing crafts all my life they have greatly helped with my illnesses and depression. Last year I started making cards and went to a stamping class and there the lady showed us how to stamp flowers then watercolour them. I cannot stop now even had a butterfly printed in a card making magazine and won a prize. So at 60 my ART life is beginning watch this space …”

Geraldine Belmore inspired us, and hopefully, all of you that is never too late, for anything that you decide to try.

I love seeing people using art as a therapy method, even if you don’t acknowledge it as such, to help with illnesses as well as seeing people challenging themselves no matter if they think that they have the skills or not. Start where you are and with time and practice you can only get better and better.

Geraldine will be notified by email on how to claim her prize and we can’t wait for her to share with us the artwork created using her new watercolour set.


Stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to enter any future contests or giveaways. You never know when you are the next winner!


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