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5 Table games you can DIY on a rainy day

Winter and DIY games go hand in hand my buddy, and you will learn why now. Winter is here and we must get ready for bad weather that is facing us. This will lower the time spent outdoors on the air for our children. That means they’ll spend more time indoors and what can they do for amusement?
I’ve a perfect arrangement for DIY games! To aid you with the thoughts I’ve accumulated DIY entertainment you can do to help your kids to keep them busy.

DIY shoebox foosball

DIY shoebox foosball

To earn a foosball match, you will look for a cardboard box, plastic straws and wooden grill rods for those foosball rods and clothespins for your foosball players.

foosball DIY    foosball DIY

Make holes for the rods and the goals on the cardboard box you picked.
Give the cardboard box to your kids so that they can colour it.
Once the children are completed with the cardboard, then allow it to dry.

You take the plastic straws and fill them with the wooden grill rods. Straws need to be thick in order that they can carry foosball players.

foosball DIY

You do not have to do anything with all the gamers at this time. Once the crate is dry, you have to pull the straws through the openings and then glue the clothespins (the gamers) on the straws.
When the glue dries, you are able to play foosball with your kids.

foosball DIY     foosball DIY


Easy Tic-Tac-Toe

Easy Tic-Tac-Toe diy

Tic-Tac-Toe is amazingly easy to create and you’re finished in moments. All you need is a cardboard and a couple caps. You may need 10 caps and in 2 colours. If you’ve got them in 1 colour, paint them which is something that your kids can perform like the foosball toy.

Allow the caps to dry and you’re ready!


Easy Tic-Tac-Toe diy


Memory game

diy memory game


The memory game is excellent as it provides hours of fun, nevertheless it also enhances kids’ memory.
With this game, you’ll also require cardboard. Paint 1 side of the cardboard at precisely the exact same colour and allow it to dry. Cut that cardboard into small rectangles. Give the rectangles to your kids and allow them to draw something twice to make pairs.

Now you’ve got your own memory card that you created with your own children.

Maze Game

diy maze game

Another enjoyable and informative entertainment is this Ball Maze Game. The entertainment is amazing for improving the eyes and hands coordination.

You want a shallow cardboard box along with couple tissue rolls. Let the children colour the tissue rolls in a variety of colours and allow them to dry,
then stick them onto the cardboard order. Colors you’ve got on the tissue rolls replicate on the tiny cardboard rectangles. You’ll require the ball which may match effortlessly through the tissue rolls and that’s it. Share the little cardboard rectangles. The principle of the game is that you need to roll
the ball throughout the tissue rolls at the precise sequence you’ve got about the cardboard rectangles.

These DIY table games are fantastic for those wintery times when children can not go outside. They’ll keep children entertained for hours and it’s something which may be made together as a household.
And you can not beat that!


Article contributed by Mark from Foosball Zone


5 Table games you can DIY on a rainy day

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